Been wanting to learn how to bake ?
Ever wonder WHY they can do it and HOW they do it ?

Fret no more... We will work together to achieve satisfying bakes by the end of the class.

We understand those challenges. We understand those desires. We know how it feels. 

CakeThisnThat offers some of the best baking classes in Singapore. You will learn new skills and techniques. Boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

With this new acquired skills and confidence, TRUST US, you will always want to bake and make every weekend OR whenever your kids request you for one. 

Singapore baking class that can be attended by mother and child.


When comes to imparting our knowledge, we are not going to hold back.

You will learn the science behind the "HOW To's" and "WHAT" makes a good bake or cake.

You will learn how to choose the best ingredients and how to store them properly. Yes, storing your ingredients can make the difference.

You will learn the proper technique in baking.

We will impart every little details and every little knowledge of ours. Helping you to fulfill your desire and fuel your passion will be our greatest achievement.

You will benefit tremendously through our extensive experiences in producing and selling our bakes and cakes. 



You got to learn in a fun and relaxing environment. You cannot be stress. Simply, if you are stressed, your bakes will be stressed. 

Our baking classes can be attended by anyone. Newbies, Passionate Beginners, Experienced Enthusiasts.

Any children above 12 years old can attend our baking classes. Now, you and your child can bake together. 

In our baking class, you will be using home standard appliances and equipment. This proves to be useful in continuing your journey pursuing your passion for baking. 

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Singapore Rolled Cakes Baking Classes



Time : 9am to 5pm
Venue : 183 Jalan Pelikat
The Promenade@Pelikat
Fee : $190.00SGD
(This is a SkillsFuture Credit eligible course.)

There are 2 dates for you to choose from. 
* 23 Jun 2018 (Sat) 
* 14 July 2018 (Sat) 

What you will Learn:
■ Basic Swiss Roll with Jam filling
■ Tiger Skin Roll Cake
■ Horse Hoof (Tapak Kuda) Roll Cake
■ Stormy Roll Cake
■ Pastry Cream filing
■ Custard Filling
■ Strawberry/ Blueberry filling.
■ Techniques to roll the cake

Let's bake your ideas to life. 

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Things To Note :-
1. Registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment
2. CakeThisnThat and Phenom Institute reserves the right to postpone or cancel the programme due to unforeseen circumstances.
3. Cancellation of registration must be in writing to
4. Cancellation charges apply as follows :
    a. Less than 14 working days before course commencement : 50% of course fees
    b. Less than 7 working days before course commencement : 80% of course fees. 
5. Postponement is allowed provided it is made in writing to at least 14 working days in advance.

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