It started with a passion for baking bakes and cakes. Then comes the vision of making our bakes and cakes available for everyone.

Next was the demand of empowering people with the craft to fulfil and fuel their pursue, be it passion or starting a business.

We help busy women to learn simple baking methods to get good bakes for their loved ones to enjoy.

Cake This N That is specialised in Wedding Cakes, Celebration Cakes, Sweet Buns, Premium Buns, Puff Pastries, Choux Pastries and our Signature Spicy Cornflakes.

We Custom-Made exclusively for your special events, parties, celebrations eg. birthday, anniversaries, wedding, engagement and baby showers.

We conduct Cake, Bread and Pastry making classes as well as Cake Decorating Classes.
We like to keep our classes small in order to ensure personalized attention accorded to every student / participant.